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Dr Peter Price, co-owner, Professor Pete's Classroom

Hi, it's Peter Price here.

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Here’s What Hundreds of Teachers Are Now Using To Teach K-6 Mathematics And So Save Hundreds Of Hours Of Work


1) Resources Membership

  • 921+ Resources and over 4500 pages, catalogued and organised for easy access
  • Curriculum-aligned, so you know these resources are targeting the right topics
  • Videos for teacher or students instantly available to use in preparation or in lessons
  • Page-by-page reviews of every resource to make finding what you want quick and easy
  • Easy-to-navigate website - never more than 2 clicks away from a list of resources to choose from on a chosen topic

2) Gadgets Software Membership

  • 12 interactive teaching tools ready for classroom use
  • Designed for the interactive whiteboard - everything on-screen is clickable, no keyboard needed
  • Totally cross-platform, works on virtually every device
  • Classroom license covers unlimited devices in one class: put on every student's tablet if you like
  • Every Gadget has a simple, intuitive interface that is really easy to use
  • Nothing to install! Log in and get immediate access to all 12 Gadgets


Our regular price for these two 12-month memberships together is USD $49. If you can take action TODAY ONLY, you pay just USD $24.50

We are offering this today as an incentive to take action right now.

We know that there are lots of demands on your time and your finances, and we don't want to waste either.

So if you'll give us a chance to show you how our resources can save you hundreds of hours preparing your own resources, and how our software can help you teach K-6 mathematics with understanding like no other software on the market today, we'll cut the price in half.

The best news is, you are still protected by our 14-day money-back guarantee. Try our resources and Gadgets for two weeks, and if you don't feel they are what we have promised, email us for a full refund.

What are you waiting for? I urge you to put us to the test today.


Try the membership resources and teaching software for up to 14 days. If you are not completely satisfied, email us and we will refund your full purchase price.

Your purchase is completely risk free – why not give us a try?

Do you have any examples of other teachers or parents who have used your resources to get good results?

Here are just a few…

Stephen Jeffrey

I guess what I like the most about this program as a teacher, is that it allows my kids to see their progress improve.

And it’s all about improving their speed, and improving their accuracy, which is really pleasing for myself as a teacher.

And I think this work flows on into the other work that we do in mathematics, because the children are able to think faster on their feet, so to speak, and they’re able to work through their other content, and this allows them to practise both their speed and their accuracy, and to improve both.

Stephen Jeffrey, Teacher
Nola Rasmussen

The Homework Sheets are fantastic.

The parents think they’re fantastic too, and we get good feedback. So most of the students get everything right, and it’s great because it reinforces what we’ve been doing every day. Parents like that.

Nola Rasmussen, teacher

I have just ordered the “Ten minutes a Day Level 2” worksheet bundle. We will be continuing this program with our daughter as we can really notice the improvement in her math.

Last year she was failing miserably so we repeated her in grade three and have been doing your worksheets with her at home everyday.

She bought home her report card today and was very proud of her self for getting a B in math.

Naomi Behne, parent


UNBELIEVABLY USEFUL. You've got to have it if you are a teacher. It is simply the best visual teaching resource I have ever found. The RESULTS speak for themselves.

Thank you so much to Professor Pete and his wife.

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